in-situ recovery wellhouse

Wellhouse for In-Situ Recovery

The ACE Modular Wellhouse has been developed specifically for the In Situ Recovery process. Using sound engineering and robust, proven technology, the ACE modular well house is designed to reduce risk to operator, plant and environment. Control both injection and production from many wells in a wellfield.

Our fully self-contained well house is factory assembled, tested and commissioning prior to shipping, providing significant saving in capital expenditure, site erection and reducing  site degradation.


• Complete electrical installation, PLC & instrumentation

• Airconditioned MCC room

• Local and remote operation & monitoring via SCADA

• In container HV Transformer

• Injection and extraction systems

• Submersible extraction pumps

• Fully bunded secondary containment


Fully factory tested prior to shipping

Proven Uranium Industry components for reliability

Shared engineering to reduce costs

Simple to operate, reduced OH & S Risk

Compact footprint, minimal site degradation

Simple to transport, easy to relocate

Other services

Detailed design (PFDs, P&IDs) and 3D Modelling

Feasibility Studies (OPEX and CAPEX)

Operation and maintenance training

Example of Wellhouse Control System Screen for Uranium Wellhouse

Wellhouse Control System Screen

Yellowcake Wellhouse Filter Skid

Filter Skid



Simple Transportation of Modular Processing Plant

Transportation of Modular Systems