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Adelaide Control Engineering (ACE) 

'Fast and flexible mineral processing equipment in shipping containers'

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Company history

GJC Engineers (founded in 1994) acquired ACE in 2005 to service the mining and processing industries both in Australia and overseas. ACE employs a team of experienced engineers and design drafters enabling supply of a full range of engineering services from concept studies through plant and equipment design to installation and commissioning. We specialize in designing and building complete mineral processing solutions inside 40 foot shipping containers. 


Building plants to process materials in mining sites is difficult and costly, especially when pilot plants are involved. Mineral and other processing plants typically require staff with special engineering skills, the involvement of skilled tradesmen and the creation of custom control systems. These skills are hard to find, especially if a processing plant is built on a remote site. Long delays can occur when building in remote areas.

Being able to deploy fully a functional processing plant reduces the risk for mining companies because the containers are ‘ready to go‘. The fully commissioned and tested mineral processing configuration can be shipped to a remote area and made operational in a few days. This particular assembly shown above has been moved several times to different ore bodies throughout the world to test its efficiency.

The inclusion of advanced control systems means that ACE can monitor and control the plant remotely from anywhere in the world. Real time and historical data can be used to improve plant performance ‘on the fly’ with input from experts around the globe.

Operational methodology

Design input can come from engineers and scientific teams based all around the world and even if they are located in different time zones, 24/7 operation is possible. Construction of the plant can be done within strict time constraints with work progressing in parallel container modules at different sites in Adelaide. Complex electrical wiring is completed at Lonsdale, a suburb south of Adelaide, while other module containers are fitted out by a mechanical services contactor in a different Adelaide suburb. All modules are brought to our base at Regency Park for final assembly and testing.

Image Gallery

Drum packing module

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Drum Packing


Packing 2


Other modules include Fluid bed Precipitation, De-watering, Kiln Drying and Offgas Recovery


Kiln Drying

Drying Kiln




Regency Park assembly and testing