Accelerated Evaporation System for Waste Water


  • Land based power pack skid & floating atomising system

  • Intelligent control system adaptable to local weather conditions

  • Water droplets <100um

  • Design for 75% of atomised water evaporated

  • 16 heads atomise 438m3/d

  • No clogging in high TDS waters, handles acidic & alkaline waste water

  • O&M < $0.90/m3 of water evaporated

  • Diesel version available


Atmospheric Intelligence Module

  • Completely programmable system to match local conditions.

  • Intelligent design constantly monitors weather conditions and runs at maximum efficiency.

  • Wind speed and direction shutdown/slowdown alleviates spray drift.

  • Flow meter monitors daily, weekly, & monthly volume atomized.

  • Access live data and download daily, weekly, & monthly reports. Note 3G service is required for live access.


For further information call us on :(08) 8118 6460, or a brochure is available here